Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives


Who are you? What/who has shaped you into the person you are today? What is your "identity"? How does your identity affect the choices you make?

These questions may be difficult for some and easy for others. Perhaps you have never thought about your "identity" before. However, it is important that you consider these questions and reflect upon the influences that have helped form your identity and shape the person who have become today. We are all different and our identity helps to affect the choices we make and how we see the world. It is important for us to think about how our identity affects those around us and how we add to the fabric of the communities to which we belong.

The activities below are designed to help you think about your identity and as you complete them, consider those factors that have helped shape who you are and the choices you make. For example, The Identity Chart and Identity Compare and Contrast allows you to expand your knowledge of the characteristics that make up your own personal identity and also further exploration of the characters in your Kids' Power Series book selection. How We See the World asks you to consider how your identity shapes how you see the world and, in turn, how your own personal choices impact and help form the communities to which you belong. You then have the opportunity to apply what you have learned to more closely examine how the identity of the characters in your Kids' Power Series book selection has shaped their view of the world.

As you complete the tasks listed above and move on to the activities in the next section; Human Rights, think about the following questions:

  • What/Who has helped shape who you are?
  • How does who you are effect how you see the world?
  • How does your identity affect the choices you make?
  • How have some of your choices impacted those around you?