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Identity Compare and Contrast

Activity Overview


  • For students to expand their understanding of identity

  • To make additional meaningful connections with their Kids' Power Series book by comparing and contrasting their own identities with a character from the text

Possible Terms for Review

  • Compare
  • Contrast
  • Identity Chart
  • Multiple Identities
  • Identity Attributes/Characteristics:
  • Family
  • Friends/Peer
  • Neighborhood
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Nationality
  • Politics (usually for older students)
  • School Clubs
  • Community Groups
  • Birth Order
  • Socioeconomic status (usually for older students)

Materials Required

  • Chart paper/board, paper, pens

  • Completed My Identity Chart from Activity 1 of this section Completed Kids' Power Series Character Identity Chart from Activity 1 of this section

  • Identity Compare and Contrast (Handout #1)

  • Activity Details

    1. Ask students to use their own identity charts to compare their own identities and personality traits with the character whose identity they have contemplated and explored using the Handout #1 Identity Compare and Contrast.

    Note: Remember, you can use any number of ways to represent each identity characteristic (e.g., words, pictures, poems, drawings, photos, etc.). Students could also construct their identity charts using a variety of media (i.e. video, photography, writing, drama, etc. or a combination of forms.)