Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives


Yeny is an enthusiastic young girl who felt powerless after her family was evicted from their home in the mountains by soldiers who invaded her village. While adapting to life in the city, she is introduced to the Peace Movement. Upon learning of her rights as a child, she becomes passionate supporter, desperately trying to convince her parents to allow her to contribute and participate in such an important cause.


Juan is Yeny's cousin who takes her under his wing when she and her family move in with him and his mother in the city. He also knows, first hand, the effects of the violence in his country as his father was kidnapped by one of the armed groups and, therefore, enthusiastically supports and participates in the Peace Movement.

Mama and Papa

They are Yeny's and loving and extremely protective parents who are hesitant to allow their daughter to participate in the Peace Movement due to their concern for her safety.

Aunt Nelly

Juan's mother and Yeny's aunt who believes that people should be standing up against the violence in her country and fully supports the children, allowing Juan to take part in the Peace Movement.

Uncle Alfredo

Juan's father and Yeny's uncle who was taken hostage by an armed group.