Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives

The Kids' Power Series Teacher Resource

by Shawntelle Nesbitt

This comprehensive teacher's guide is designed to accompany Second Story Press' Kids' Power Series. Just as the series tells the stories of children who have taken action on issues that are important to them, the guide is designed to help educators and students do the same. This resource provides a step by step guide to help students take action in their own community. It can easily be integrated into everyday junior level classroom programming for language skills, arts, social studies, and character education. It is also appropriate for adaptation in intermediate and senior level classrooms.

The guide uses the four books in the Kids' Power Series:

  • Shannen and the Dream for a School (ISBN 978-1-926920-30-6)
  • Lacey and the African Grandmothers (ISBN 978-1-897187-61-6)
  • Yeny and the Children for Peace (ISBN 978-1-897187-45-6)
  • Maggie and the Chocolate War (ISBN 978-1-897187-27-2)

The material can be applied to other books and texts that address local, national, or global social justice issues.


"A compelling resource that will be invaluable for educators, consultants and, most importantly, classroom teachers who have been hankering to use this great series to make a very real difference in young peoples' lives. There is such a wide range of material here that you can keep coming back to Nesbitt's guide again and again and again!"

-Jeffrey Canton, Lecturer, Children's Studies Program, York University

"The Kids' Power Series Teacher Resource guide is a flexible, inclusive and adaptable handbook for teachers at all stages in their careers. Clear outlines, step-by-step instructions and worksheets blend with significant background information to aid teachers in addressing the often difficult-to-teach concepts of social action and self empowerment. The guide provides concrete literary activities related to the books in the series, along with direct curricular links and specific activities designed to address multiple learning modalities. Most importantly, this resource enriches the learning process by helping both students and their teachers move their educational experiences outside of the classroom walls and into the community in which they live."

-Liane Shaw, YA author, retired teacher and educational consultant