Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives


Maggie is a caring and supportive friend and daughter who believes in the strike against the price increase of chocolate but is also torn due to her loyalty to her father. Maggie's father is a shopkeeper, one of those at whom the strike is aimed although he has no control over the cost of food or chocolate. She tries her best to balance her belief in the rights of kids like her and her classmates to use their voices and stand up against the price hikes and her devotion to her father's business.


Thomas is Maggie's passionate older brother who fully supports the movement protesting the chocolate price hike.

Mother and Father

Maggie and Thomas' parents have been, like other families, struggling since the end of war due to ever increasing food prices. While Mother fully supports the children's actions, their Father is put in the middle due to his position as a shopkeeper.


Maggie's best friend who joins the protest and is confused by Maggie's reluctance to become a full member of their movement.

Mrs. Sampson

Maggie's teacher who fully supported her students, encouraging them to raise their voices about their cause and helping them mount their campaign to lobby the government to lower the cost of chocolate.