Social Justice Stories

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Lacey Little Bird

Lacey is a young First Nations girl for whom unity with her community is a principal she wholeheartedly stands for. Her character serves as an inspiration for family and friends. She is a problem solver whose self-reliant nature helps her find her voice to stand up for what she believes is right.


Lacey encourages her older sister to follow her dreams despite the many obstacles in her path.


Angel's boyfriend and father of her child is mentally and physically abusive, attempting to dominate and convince Angel that she is insignificant and that her efforts to stay in school and become a nurse are inconsequential.


Kahasi is an elder in the community and Lacey's grandmother who teaches her how to sew and bead and, in doing so, passes on lessons about her culture and heritage.

Mom and Dad

Lacey and Angel's mother is ill, leaving much of the housework and child care to her daughters. Their father is a musician who is away from home much of the time, on the road with his band.

African Grandmothers

Upon hearing about her efforts to help their cause, some of them come to Siksika First Nations Reserve to meet Lacey and visit her community on their tour of Canada. During their time together, the African and First Nations grandmothers bonded over their similarities.