Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives

Video clips and short documentaries on various aspects of the Kids' Power Series books.

Shannen and the Dream for a School

Shannen Speaks at a Youth Forum

Shannen talks about the Canadian government's broken promises and former MP, Chuck Strahl's apathy towards the situation.

Abandoned Communities - Forgotten Children

Shannen and her sister, Serena Koostachin, speak of the pain they felt at leaving their community and culture behind in order to pursue an education.

Shannen's Dream Day of Action

Community support for Shannen's Dream on the National Day of Action in Ottawa on April 27, 2011.

Lacey and the African Grandmothers

Growing Pains in Africa

An explanation of the family situation and issues facing African children.

Yeny and the Children for Peace

National Geographic Documentary

Journalist Lisa Ling visits Columbia and explores the cause of all the fighting first hand.

Soldiers of Peace

Trailer for the documentary Soldiers of Peace that illustrates ordinary people taking steps to obtain peace in their countries.

Maggie and the Chocolate War

5 Cent War Trailer

Trailer of a movie about the war Canadian children waged against the rising price of chocolate after World War 2.