Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives


A quiet and shy Jewish girl with a love of books and music. She is happy to be leaving her hometown of Munich, Germany and the discrimination she and her family face as Jewish residents of the city. But as she boards the St. Louis with her mother, grandmother and brother, she is also very sad to leave the place of her happy childhood.


An outgoing young boy excited about boarding the St Louis with his mother and father, and happy to be leaving his family's home in Berlin, Germany and their life as Jews under the Nazi regime. Sol enthusiastically participates in many activities on the ship, making friends while on the voyage and looking forward to the future with hope and anticipation.

Captain Gustav Schroeder

The German sea captain in charge of the St Louis. He is a strong and energetic man who disagrees with the policies of the German government and its treatment of their Jewish citizens. He takes his responsibility of providing safe passage to those on his ship very seriously, insisting that his crew treat all under their protection with respect and consideration.

Otto Schiendick

A crewmember on board the ship, he is also a spy for the Gestapo - the German secret police.

Morris Troper

A Jewish lawyer who lives in the United States and works to try and negotiate safe harbor for the Jewish passengers on the ship.

The MS St. Louis

A luxury German ocean liner that makes regular trips across the Atlantic ocean from Europe to North America.