Social Justice Stories

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The Klepy

An underground newspaper established by the youth in the town of Budejovice. It pulls the Jewish community together and serves as a lifeline to those whose lives are torn apart by the injustices imposed on them by the Nazi regime.

John Freund

A mild-mannered young Jewish boy who loves adventure and finds it extremely difficult to adjust to the Nazi restrictions and laws enforced in his town. Like other Jewish youth, he enthusiastically joins The Klepy team, eagerly writing and drawing for the paper, recognizing its important role in strengthening the bonds that help tie his community together.

Karel Freund

John's elder brother. He can be a bully, frequently teasing and arguing with John.

Gustav Freund

John's father, a compassionate man who was a paediatrician before the Nazis stopped Jewish men from practicing medicine.

Erna Freund

John's mother, a cultured woman who especially loves poetry and music.

Ruda Stadler

John's older classmate who, angry about the injustices suffered by his family and other Jewish residents in his town, creates The Klepy as a way to speak out and fight back.

Joseph Frisch

A young teacher who teaches Jewish children in his home after they are forbidden to attend school.

The Neubauer Family

Mr and Mrs. Neubauer, their three children, Beda, Reina and Frances. They are part of the town's Jewish community and close friends of John and his family.