Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives


A curious young Jewish boy. He and his brother were sent by his mother to deliver clothes and food to Anton. After the war, he moved with his family to the United States and changed his name to Shelley


Three years older than his brother Milek, Munio is a brave young man. After leaving Poland, he changed his name to Michael


Milek and Munio's mother. She made them be nice to Anton even though he seemed different.


The father of Milek and Munio. He and Anton dug the tunnel that ended up saving their lives.


The "village fool" who showed courage and compassion when he hid Jews to save them from the Nazis.


A friend of Mama and Tata's whose family was taken away while she was hiding from the soldiers.


A Jewish girl who was a little older than Munio. She lost her family to the Nazis so Anton took her in as well.