Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives


A brave young Jewish girl, her story began in The Secret of Gabi's Dresser. When the Nazis' search for the remaining Jews in her hometown intensifies, Gabi, her mother, and Cousin Max are forced to flee and go into hiding.


A spirited and resourceful woman, who does her best to protect her daughter and nephew while they are in hiding.


Gabi's energetic young cousin has difficultly being confined while in hiding. He becomes restless and insists on leaving the safety of the barn to search for night-time adventure, convincing Gabi to do the same.

Stephen and Maria Kos

A non-Jewish couple who are forced to quit working for Gabi's family after the Nazis announce that Christians are forbidden to work for Jewish businesses or families. They hide Gabi, her mother and Cousin Max in their barn, taking enormous risk to offer protection from the Nazis after the situation becomes too dangerous for Gabi and her family to stay in their hometown.

Eva Kos

The Kos's young granddaughter who befriends Gabi and Max while they are hiding in her grandparent's barn.


Gabi's next door neighbour, a member of the Resistance, who offers the family safe passage into hiding.

Father Lensky

A priest who also risks his life to help Gabi and her family.

The Partisans

While on one of their night-time walks, Gabi, Max and Eva discover a group of anti-Nazi partisans, or Resistance fighters, who eagerly recruit the three to help in their cause.