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Holocaust Remembrance Series Teacher Resource

by Shawntelle Nesbitt

This comprehensive teacher's guide is designed to accompany the Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers. Guide comes in five parts with resources and activities.

  • Explores major themes: identity, community, rights, responsibilities, the power to choose, how our choices are influenced, the effects our choices have on the world around us.
  • Highly adaptable and easily integrated into existing classroom programming.
  • Five separate sections that include full lesson plans with handouts that fulfill Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum expectations in language arts, the arts, social and character education.
  • The design allows for immediate integration into the language arts block


"I am happy to report that after two years of working to improve the safety of our students at Harmony Heights P. S. we are making progress. Among other strategies that we have used, the Holocaust Curriculum written by Shawntelle Nesbitt has been a significant part of our strategy for teaching tolerance and understanding and reducing bullying at Harmony Heights. I am pleased to report that the incidence of students who are reporting that they "never feel safe at school" has been reduced from 10% to 1.1%. I cannot say categorically that the growth in safety and security as perceived by the children is solely due to the curriculum but I can say that it has played an important part in changing the culture at our school. In fact when I came to Harmony Heights three years ago the principal told me the school was a tough school. Last year we won the YWCA Random Acts of Kindness award and were declared the "Kindest School in Durham!" Thank you very much for your inspired leadership in creating this valued resource."

- Bob Bettridge, Vice Principal at Harmony Heights Public School, Oshawa, Ontario

"Shawntelle Nesbitt brilliantly pulls together the understanding of our identity, social justice and critical thinking using non-fiction narratives made relevant to our millenium students. Any teacher in Ontario, for that matter the world, is able to take this guide and begin to create the learning environments allowing for academic success and the development of the emotional intelligence needed to live in peace and love."

-Jeannine Joubert, Superintendent of Education, Durham District School Board

"Second Story Press' Shawntelle Nesbitt has compiled a rich resource for the Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers. The series guide draws on a broad range of exceptionally thoughtful, effective strategies designed to deepen students' engagement with the Holocaust. Teachers will find these teaching materials terrific for helping them link students' lived experiences with the historical context of the Holocaust."

-Belarie Zatzman Hyman, Associate Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, York University

"As a children's author writing about the Holocaust, I have spoken in hundreds of schools and libraries across North America. I am continually asked by educators for help in teaching this sensitve topic to young readers. I am delighted that this comprehensive guide will now be available. It not only provides a complete overview of history, literature, activities, etc., but it also matches all of this information with board curriculum expectations. This is an important resource, and one that will be an invaluable tool for teachers in the classroom."

-Kathy Kacer, Author, Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers