Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives

The Diary of Laura's Twin is a work of fiction based on historical fact. The story has two settings: contemporary North America (Laura's story,) and the Warsaw Ghetto (Sara's story.) Warsaw is the capital city in the Central European country of Poland. The Warsaw Ghetto was established by the Nazis in 1940 and was the largest in Europe, inhabited by Polish Jews. Thousands died of starvation and disease. However, despite the harsh conditions, Jewish educational and cultural life flourished. It is here that the story of Sara, a young Jewish girl, who uses her diary to record daily life in the ghetto, unfolds. She describes how members of her family are involved in the fight against the Nazis. This is based on historical fact, as Jewish prisoners in the Warsaw Ghetto staged a revolt in 1943. The prisoners who fought back were known as Jewish Resistance fighters. Their efforts to keep the Nazis out of the ghetto lasted several weeks, until the Nazi soldiers (who far outnumbered the Jewish prisoners) destroyed the ghetto - killing thousands of prisoners. Afterwards, those Jewish prisoners who'd survived were moved to concentration camps.