Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives

Hiding Edith begins in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, a country in Central Europe that borders Germany. The story continues in the South of France after Edith and her family have gone into hiding. In 1938 the Nazis annexed Austria - making it a part of Germany. In 1940 the Nazis invaded Paris, the capital of France, and took control of the entire country by 1942. The persecution of the Jewish population immediately began. There were French citizens who believed this was wrong, many helping to hide Jewish children. One of these groups was the Jewish Scouts who set up a safe house in the southern French town of Moissac. The entire town of Moissac pulled together to help hide the Jewish children from the Nazis. Despite their efforts and those of many others, by war's end only 2,500 of the 75,000 Jews living in Southern France had survived.