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Edith Schwalb

Edith was born in Vienna, Austria. When she was 6 years-old, the Germans invaded her country, bringing with them the anti-Jewish laws and restrictions that sent her family moving around Europe, trying to get away from Nazi persecution. A strong and resilient girl, Edith copes with being moved away from her family and going into hiding. First she is hidden by a group of French Scouts, and then in a Catholic boarding school.

Therese Schwalb

Edith's beautiful and intelligent older sister. Edith looks up Therese and envies the fact that she is able to stay with their mother.

Gaston Schwalb

Edith's much younger brother, Gaston is the baby of the family. He goes into hiding with Edith in Moissac, and is then separated from her after they leave the town.

Magdalena Schwalb

Edith's mother, a brave woman who does everything she can to protect her family throughout the war.

Chaim Schwalb

Edith's father, a charming man who is known in Vienna for being a talented soccer player. He and Edith are very close.

Shatta and Bouli Simon

The couple who run the safe house in the town of Moissac, which is funded by the Scouts. They provide a home for hundreds of Jewish children trying to evade capture by the Nazis. They hold to the Scout's motto of "Be Prepared" and teach the children what to do if soldiers come to the house.

The People of Moissac

In the small southern French town all the residents, including the mayor, all help to hide the Jewish children living there.

Sarah Kupfer

A friend who Edith meets at the safe house. The two girls make a special connection.