Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives

Hana Brady

At the beginning of the book Hana is seven years old. She is a popular girl, full of life, with dreams of becoming a teacher and a love of performing on her piano and in school plays. Hana and her brother George are very close. When not entertaining their parents' artistic houseguests, they are outdoors playing with their friends in the creeks and meadows that surround their home.

George Brady

George is three years older than his sister Hana. He lives in a warm and loving home and is happy and secure. The fact that they are the only Jewish family in the area does not matter until the Nazis invade their town, forever changing George and Hana's warm, carefree and secure childhood.

Karel Brady

Hana and George's father. Popular for his love of sport, he also had a passion for the arts and theatre while he, along with this wife, supported the family by operating the Nove Mesto's only general store.

Marketa Brady

Hana and George's mother, who is much loved for not only her tremendous generosity but also her wicked sense of humor. Customers who visit the family's general store enjoy her jokes and her infectious laughter.

Fumiko Ishioka

Is the coordinator of the Children's Holocaust Education Center in Tokyo, Japan. It is her goal to use the Holocaust to teach Japanese children about the dangers of intolerance and hatred and to encourage them to use what they learn to promote peace and understanding.

Small Wings

A group of students under the guidance of Fumiko Ishioka, who help her to operate the Children's Holocaust Education Centre and work to inform other young Japanese students about the history of the Holocaust.