Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives

Susan and Vera

Susan and Vera are sisters, Susan is twelve years old and Vera is six. The sisters are offered refuge by the Sisters of Charity and go into hiding at the convent when it is too dangerous for them to remain at home with their family. As Jewish girls, they adapt to the Christian customs of the convent, establishing strong bonds with the nuns who take care of them and the other girls who are in hiding.


The rock of the family, athletic and fit, he is a professor of history who is dismissed from his position when Jews are no longer allowed to teach in educational institutions.


A mild mannered and delicate woman who, at first, strongly resists sending her daughters away into hiding. She finally gives in when there seems no other choice.

Aunt Isabelle

Mama's Christian best friend who offers the family her unconditional support and convinces Mama to allow her daughters to go into hiding.

The Sisters of Charity

The nuns in charge of the convent, nicknamed "Guardian Angel House," who provide a caring environment for the Jewish children under their protection.


Susan and Vera's courageous cousin who joins them in hiding.


A young Roma girl Susan meets at the Convent with whom she makes a special connection.