Social Justice Stories

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Although Clara's War is a work of fiction, it is based on historical fact. The story takes place in Theresienstadt, which was the German name given to the town of Terezin, located in the Central European country of Czechoslovakia (now called the Czech Republic.) The town of Terezin was turned into a ghetto during World War II by the Nazis. Czech Jews as well as Jews from the Netherlands and Denmark were deported to Terezin and it was home to many artists, musicians, performers and teachers. Life was harsh and brutal, especially for children. Secret schools were set up to help children cope with the chaos of life in the ghetto. There were also many cultural programs and theatrical productions which helped to raise the spirits of the inmates. Tragically, when Terezin was liberated, the majority of Jewish prisoners, including most of the children, had been deported to concentration camps in neighboring Poland, where they were murdered.