Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives

Clara Berg

An outgoing and light-hearted thirteen-year-old girl living in Prague when the Nazis invade. Her courage is tested when she and her family are deported to Terezin, where she finds comfort in her role as the lovely sparrow in the school play as well as in her friendships with Hana and Jacob, two other children imprisoned at the camp.

Peter Berg

Clara's serious and withdrawn brother who finds it very difficult to adjust to life in the ghetto.

Simon Berg

Clara and Peter's father was a respected doctor before the war and works in the ghetto hospital.

Helen Berg

Clara and Peter's mother works in the kitchen in the ghetto and tries her best to look out for and protect her children.

Hanna Klein

Clara's close friend from home and when reunited at Terezin. Both girls find comfort when they are assigned to the same ghetto barrack.

Jacob Langer

A brave young man, extremely resourceful in his efforts to survive life in the ghetto, reaching out to help both Clara and her brother Peter.

Friedl Dicker-Brandeis

A prisoner in Terezin, she was a famous artist who taught secret art classes to the children in the ghetto. (Non-fiction character)

Rudolf Freudenfeld (Rudi)

A prisoner in Terezin, Rudi directs the children in the Brundibar opera. (Non-fiction character)