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Video clips and short documentaries on various aspects of the Holocaust. Some of these videos can also be found under the "video" category on the individual book pages.

Holocaust Survivor Recollections

George Brady Interviewed by Young Reporters

Click here for George's interview.

In December 2009, students from Grade 8 English and Grade 10 history classes at Greenwood College School in Toronto, Canada were visited by Holocaust survivor George Brady. Mr. Brady spoke to the students with great candor about his unlikely story of survival. Here's the full interview with Mr. Brady.

Video by Harry Moore, Isabella Romano, and Elly Rosenbaum of Greenwood College School.

Edith Schwalb

Stay tuned for a video of Edith Schwalb recounting her survivor story. Available soon.

Holocaust Authors - in their own words

Kathy Kacer Talks About To Hope and Back

An ocean-liner carrying Jewish passengers can find no safe harbor during World War II. Turned away from port in Cuba, the USA, and Canada, the ship was forced to return to Europe where many of its passengers went on to die in the Holocaust. Part of Second Story Press's Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers.

Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers Book Trailers

Guardian Angel House

An overview of the story, complete with documentary footage.

Multimedia by Tim Clark

The Righteous Smuggler

A visual rundown of the story, with music by Kevin MacLeod.

Trailer by Air Productions

Holocaust Remembrance Art

Inside Hana's Suitcase: Preview

Clips from a preview of the documentary "Inside Hana's Suitcase" directed by Larry Weinstein

Brundibar at The Museum of Tolerance

This performance of Brundibar at the Museum of Tolerance, was a culmination of LA Opera's Opera Camp in 2005.

Brundibar in Barcelona

A clip from Òpera Secundaria's 2008 performance of Brundibar.

A Song for Hana

A song composed about Hana's Suitcase performed by the Glen Brae Middle School Choir. (Song begins at 1:25)

Daniel Liebskind talks about his "Wheel of Conscience" monument

World renowned architect and designer Daniel Liebskind discusses the "Wheel of Conscience," his monument memorializing Canada's 1939 refusal of entry to the 900-plus Jewish refugees on board the M.S. St. Louis and the "none is too many" exclusionary anti-Jewish immigration policy that it epitomized. The monument was unveiled at Pier 21 in Halifax on January 20, 2011.

Holocaust Video Resources

Life in the Warsaw Ghetto

Holocaust survivor Marcel Reich-Ranicki describes the cultural life in the Warsaw Ghetto. The video is excerpted from the film "Warsaw Ghetto - Culture Without Walls" from the Holocaust History Museum in Yad Vashem.

(With English subtitles)

History of the Holocaust

A brief documentary on the history of the holocaust.

Video by the Sarah and Chaim Neuerger Holocaust Education Cetre, UJA Federation


Buehl is a town in the state of Baden, Germany. On Kristallnacht, November 9-10, 1938, the town's synagogue went up in flames and Jewish stores were vandalized.

The footage was taken by a firefighter who shot films for a hobby. He took the footage in order to capture his friends during their work. The firefighters were prepared to put out the flames to ensure that the fire would not spread to the neighboring homes next to the synagogue.

Courtesy of Stadtgeschichtliches Institut Buehl

Hiding from Hitler

A brief video about hiding during the Holocaust.

Hidden Children

Malka Rosental's story of hiding in a barrel as a child.

Video by Yad Vashem, as part of the "Witnesses and Education" series.

In the Ranks of the Partisans

Holocaust survivors from Mir, Belarus discuss their life in the woods with the Belarus partisans.

The video is part of the exhibition "The Story of the Jewish Community in Mir" on the Yad Vashem website.

The Bielski Brothers

A short film about the Bielshi brothers, two heroic Partisans, much like the Partisans in The Night Spies.

Video by The Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation.