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Bringing Human Rights to Classrooms

In May of 2013, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation released a survey indicating that 92 per cent of teachers place a high value on human rights education.

As a publisher who has taken pride in creating in books with an emphasis on social justice and values education since 1988, Second Story Press is passionate about connecting educators with the resources, materials, and tools they need to enhance human rights education in the classroom.

With support from the Ontario Media Development Corporation, Second Story Press is beginning work on a trans-Canadian initiative to facilitate, enhance, and sponsor workshops, seminars, and other learning opportunities for educators, as well as connect them with the resources and materials they need. What we can offer:

A visit from one of our talented authors

Training from digital experts on incorporating new technologies into your human rights-based teaching

Sponsor a snack/refreshment break for your event

Relevant books for your event attendees at no cost (for smaller events)

We're Travelling!

We may be readily available for your event—anywhere in Canada. Contact or for more information.