Social Justice Stories

building compassion, tolerance, and responsible citizenship through social justice narratives

Classroom Materials

Downloadable materials for classroom use. Please note, these are supplements to the Thematic Activities.

Community Action Ideas

Tips on how to get students and young people involved in community action.

Community Action Guest Speakers

A list of organizations that work with schools to get students involved in social justice activities. Guest speakers can be booked by contacting the organizations directly.

UN Convention on the Rights of a Child

A list of children's rights, provided by the United Nations. This list is broken down into comprehensive, easy to teach categories.

Introducing Main Character Through Photos

A photo package of characters in the Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers. Intended to accompany the thematic activity listed in our Identity section

Gallery Walk

Four teaching activities complete with handouts. These activities encourage students to analyze photographs, which helps them to connect with the past and understand the individual experiences of the war.