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What is a Good Community?

The First Nations Series for Young Readers is a collection of biographies dedicated to outlining the life stories of First Nations/Native American individuals who have made significant achievements in their community and beyond. Think about Activity #1 and reflect upon:

  • Why do you think we invited you to take part in exercises that focused on your ideas of what makes a good community?

  • Why is it important to make a personal connection with what you are learning?

  • How does it help you understand and make sense of what you are learning?

  • How does making personal connections help us become better readers?

  • Might there be a connection between themes of the biographies in the First Nations Series for Young Readers and the community related activities in above?

  • What do you already know about the achievements of Aboriginal peoples?

  • Have you read or watched any other biographies about First Nations/Native American individuals?

  • Why might it be important that we highlight these accomplishments in particular?