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Men of Courage from our First Nations

By Vincent Schilling

Ten First Nations Men Who Inspire.

The stories of these men are tales of courage, determination and honesty, often in the face of racism and adversity. Read about Larry Merculieff, who helped bring a once oppressed Aleutian people to a position of power and self-sufficiency; Frank Abraham, an Ojibwe Chief whose wisdom and honesty helped his tribe to rise from near financial failure; Raymond Cross, a Coyote leader who won a victory of compensation for the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara people; and Stanley Vollant, an Aboriginal surgeon who fulfilled a 100-year-old Innu tribal prophecy. This is an inspiring collection of biographies for young readers about men who have enriched the lives of many in their roles as doctors, chiefs, firemen, teachers, and community leaders.